What's the Plan?


Some people are great at making them, focus on them, and manage to see them through to the end. We may have plans to follow our dreams, start a new hobby, move house, change jobs, etc but what happens when things change without us ‘planning’ it?

Change is continually occurring on Earth. When seasons change, all of nature and wildlife move rhythmically to it. Us humans, however, are not so quite good at embracing change. If we are used to a certain way, lifestyle, attitude, or mindset, it can become quite traumatic to have something changed for us, which wasn’t part of our own ‘plan’.

We have to be willing to trust that we are on our path and that this is just a detour.

I was never one for making plans as I didn’t really know what I wanted to do in life. My sole childhood ambition was for a hairdo that didn’t resemble a tumble-dried poodle and a suntan! Some people have a plan plus a backup plan. A ‘Plan B’. But what happens if they both change in ways that make us feel overwhelmed, stressed, and ready to throw in the towel? When do we stop planning? Do we continue from ‘C’ through to ‘Z’ or just stop?

It got me thinking. How about when something that we love, desire, or feel comfortable with changes and throws an industrial size spanner in the works...

We go to plan BE.

Instead of making decisions out of fear or concern, perhaps we could benefit by taking the time to just stop and connect with ourselves to discover the best way forward?

BE with our emotions.  Allow ourselves to feel grief, anger, relief, or excitement.

BE with our thoughts. What stories are we telling ourselves?  

BE with the present. Connect with our breath and breathe.

BE with our heart. What is it that we truly desire?

When we take time out to BE with these things, we start to quieten the chatter in our minds and begin to hear the whispers of our hearts.

Our heart knows the true plan, our blueprint. The architectural drawing of who we are and where we are heading.

So, if your plans haven’t quite worked out as you wanted them to, before you do anything else - go to plan BE.