Breath4Life™ Breath Work is a powerful healing process. It is an action therapy which accesses subconscious ‘clutter’ that may be negatively impacting your life. It enables you to heal unresolved issues, past traumas and process suppressed emotions in order to let go.

Are you aware of your breathing pattern? When you experience a negative emotion such as anger or shock, your breathing rhythm changes and you may hold your breath. This causes energy to get stuck, and if left untreated, can create an imbalance (suppression) within your energy field. 

This eventually manifests as physical and emotional problems. 

Any emotions that are buried, such as feelings of guilt, shame and even joy will keep resurfacing when you   can no longer push them to one side.  over time this can reduce the capacity to receive love and compassion and often feelings of numbness, lack of purpose and isolation can occur. 

This is a very individualised experience and you will only receive the healing that is intended for you at the time.  I incorporate Holistic Coaching to support this therapy as well as ongoing mentorship to initiate the process of self-empowerment.  

Each session is 2 hours. 

  • Introductory session - £95
  • Follow up session £180 
  • Breathe to Achieve – If you would like to work with this therapy on a regular basis and dive deeper into self-development, I offer a discounted rate for multiple bookings, plus monthly teachings for the highest transformative experience. To find out more or book, let’s talk. 

    All sessions include ongoing mentorship via email, phone or Skype during the process.