Eyes down for Rational Mind Bingo!

4 and 2 – I’ve got too much to do.

5 and 9 – I just don’t have the time.

This is what my weekly zoom call sounded like to my good friend Lindsey. We started off being accountability buddies on a project last year and have continued egging each other on to achieve our little wins.

We also have an eating forfeit.

Mine is pureed spinach and hers is dog food!

Well, it started off as us both avoiding the dog food but to be honest, I think I’d rather eat that than soggy spinach, so I did a swap.

Anyway, I had agreed to my three goals and did not even entertain any of them. When we jumped on the call together, I could hear myself talking about how busy I was.

Half way through I had to laugh because I was reeling off so many excuses when deep down, I knew it was resistance.

3 and 8 – pro- cras - tin - ate

I said to her ‘I am literally playing rational mind bingo’

If I had a card with all the stories, I was telling myself I would have definitely got the full house.

There was no cash prize or a fancy yacht to win, but a one-way ticket to Stuckville.

It is great when you’re in the flow but when that little wall of resistance creeps in it can sometimes be so hard to take action again.

Action is not a scary word but sometimes just saying it can make us feel ……well…. meh….

If we are not moving and grooving to our own rhythm of life, our heart's desire and our true calling.

We can head on over to the emotional quicksand.

The more we struggle, the more we get stuck.

So, what’s my take on this. Well sometimes I can get myself up and running again, but it is always nice to have someone give you that motivational kick up the butt.

And who knew that pureed spinach would be such a game-changer?

5 and 1 – now let’s get this done!

What are your winning numbers when you hit that wall?