Pellowah Healing is a fascinating energy modality offering a unique well-being and personal growth approach.

It was channelled by Australian spiritual teacher Kachina Ma’an in 2003 and the term itself means ‘radical shift in consciousness’.

The core principle of Pellowah focuses on consciousness expansion rather than just physical healing. Its primary goal is to increase your capacity for positive change and help you align with your highest purpose.

Pellowah taps into a pure source energy which weaves together all 12 strands of DNA, preparing them for activation. As the strands harmonize, they whisper forgotten truths. It unblocks and realigns meridians within the body, creating a sense of well-being and connection.

While physical healing may occur, the true power lies in the shift in awareness.

Who can benefit?

Spiritual seekers: Those on a quest for enlightenment and growth.

Pattern breakers: Individuals wanting to release old patterns and beliefs.

Inner explorers: Anyone feeling the call for inner transformation.

Pellowah invites us to remember who we truly are beyond our physical existence. By embracing this energy, we contribute to the collective consciousness of humanity.

Is it the same as Reiki?

No. Reiki is often described as ‘earth-based’ which is deeply connected to the physical body and focuses on channelling universal life force energy. This includes the seven main chakras for healing.

Pellowah is lighter and finer. It operates at a higher vibration and is closely associated with consciousness (mind) and spirit. It primarily targets the higher chakras, for profound transformation. It isn’t about fixing symptoms; it’s about altering perception. The healing effects are ripples of this transformation.

What does a treatment involve:

Pellowah does not involve physical touch. It works directly with your consciousness. You will be lying on a couch, fully clothed, with no distractions. There is no music, incense or oils burning to ensure you experience your unique journey.

A typical session may last from 45 minutes to 1 hour. You will benefit from wearing eye shades which I can provide. If you prefer to bring your own, please ensure that they are not scented.

It does what it says on the tin!

Pellowah works from the inside, building on old frameworks without the trauma. It is a joyous and blissful energy, helping you make choices aligned with your higher self.

It helps you see things differently and nudges you to remember your true self, beyond everyday worries. It is a powerful tool for inner growth and expanded awareness.

If you resonate with higher vibrations and spiritual evolution, consider experiencing a Pellowah session.

I offer in-person and remote sessions. 

Investment -  £50

I really enjoyed my first Pellowah experience. Simply lying down with my eyes covered was very relaxing, and soon after the session started I began to notice my limbs feeling heavy and I entered a deep sense of relaxation. Initially, my mind was thinking of things I had to do but this soon quieted down and I fell asleep.
Will definitely book another one of these sessions, thank you Tracey

TD, Hertford