Exploring the journey from your head to your heart

You made it! I am here for you, to guide you through whatever challenges you are faced with right now. I am based in Hertford and specialise in Transformational Coaching, Breathwork, Laughter Yoga and Energy Healing. 

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It can be very difficult to trust yourself, however with my guidance, this will become a fun and straightforward process. 



It is incredibly rewarding to invest time and energy into yourself. My sessions are individually tailored for you, we will examine what works best for you, and ultimately, bring you happiness! 



I am the product of my own investigation. I have spent many years learning to trust my heart, and I will guide you through this exciting process.

Welcome to Divine Hearts

You've landed here for a reason. Is it to create a more balanced and fulfilling life? If so, then come on in, I have lots to tell you. 

I work intuitively and holistically, taking into account all aspects of your life. Whatever you may be battling with at present or burdened with from the past, I have the knowledge and experience to safely hold a space for you to explore this.

Your intuitive heart has the answer and you will know if I am the one to help you. In fact, it has all the answers but if you are stuck in your head worrying about what you should, could or ought to be doing, your heart takes a back seat.

Be the pilot of your life, not the passenger. Take the controls and navigate your path to freedom.

Now, what does your heart say?

When you're flying high, mountains become molehills.

Healing, and exploring all parts of yourself can take time and commitment, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. You may encounter some form of emotional mountain to climb and to get to the top, you have to take action and move.

Those who have climbed Everest never made it to the top with fairy dust and mung beans. Highly unlikely, but sweat, tears and probably a few choice words as well. If you do have a mountain staring back at you, it will not be conquered by looking at it. Let me help you walk it. The view from the top could be spectacular.

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