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Welcome to Divine Hearts

You've landed here for a reason. Is it to create a more balanced and fulfilling life? If so, then come on in, I have lots to tell you.

Based in Hertford, I provide a safe healing space for you to open up, and either take a peek, or throw yourself into self-exploration. Your journey simply depends on how much inner work you would like to do, with what is causing you discomfort.  

If you are ready to clear out the subconscious clutter, then Breathwork is the go-to. It is a powerful energy release of suppressed emotions.

If you’re wanting a more subtle experience then Reiki is the one. This is a gentle energy therapy working with mind, body and spirit. 

My Spiritual Coaching helps you explore all parts of yourself to uncover the answers that already reside within you. 

On a lighter note!

How about tickling your tonsils with Laughter Yoga? This is a great therapy for all ages who want more joy, creative expression and confidence. 

And for the non-humans!

I work with dogs, cats and small animals offering them AnimalHealing & Communication. This is a beautiful way to better understand your pet companion from their perspective. 

Now what does your heart say?

When you're flying high, mountains become molehills.

When it comes to healing, exploring all parts of yourself can seem scary, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. You may have some form of an emotional mountain to climb, but to get to the top, you have to take action.

Those who have climbed Everest never made it on fairy dust and mung beans. Highly unlikely, but sweat, tears and probably a few choice words as well.

You can't conquer a mountain by looking at it, but taking the first step is a start. Let me walk with you. The view from the top could be spectacular.

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I co-wrote a book!

This year I had the opportunity to write a chapter of a book alongside 49 fellow sisters. I write about some of the life challenges that I have encountered, and how I discovered the hidden meaning of them, which led to my personal growth.

I share this journey with other women who are not afraid to voice their vulnerability, their truth and their wise words.

This book is an oracle and designed to help people who may be struggling and just need the right message at the right time, from real women who have lived experience.

This is a remarkable book for older women and serves as a guide and a beacon of strength, resilience, and wisdom. I am honoured to be a part of it.

None of the authors are profiting from this, and all proceeds are going to Bali Street Mums.

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It can be very difficult to trust yourself, however with my guidance, this will become a fun and straightforward process. 



It is incredibly rewarding to invest time and energy into yourself. My sessions are individually tailored for you, we will examine what works best for you, and ultimately, bring you happiness! 



I am the product of my own investigation. I have spent many years learning to trust my heart, and I will guide you through this exciting process.