Shipshape or shipwreck?

Recently I heard myself saying ‘that ship has sailed’

Hmmm. One. I have never used that saying in my life. Two. It sounds ancient!

So, I decided to sit with it.

I was talking about a friendship at the time. It was a wonderful friendship but like everything it was temporary and I learned a lot about myself during our fantastic time together.

Things, people, and careers come and go, very much like ships. We can either jump on board the ship and see where it takes us or sit on the shore and watch them go by.

What if every word ending in ships is an opportunity? A beautiful gift, to teach us something and take us on a journey through the sea of life.

Friendships, mentorships, apprenticeships, relationships, companionship, championship, sponsorship, partnership, leadership.

If we fear sailing, then we have a problem…. for shore!

We could sit there nice and safe and free from worrying about what could go wrong. We allow the ships to go by because of past hurts, difficult endings, or fear of the unknown. If you did not take action, there may be feelings of regret, sadness or frustration which is usually directed at yourself first.

 But how many ships are we willing to see sail by before we take the plunge?

When you get onboard your ship with an open mind and heart, you are moving. Your energy is moving and you can take in the beautiful scenery. If you are stuck on shore, there is just one view.

If you keep ‘missing the boat’ what do you continuously keep doing or saying to yourself?

What keeps you stuck on shore?

If you have done this many times and really want to take action and step out of your comfort zone, then reflect on what may be holding you back.

Ask yourself. What am I resisting? What are my beliefs about this? What am I really feeling?

If you do take ownership of your feelings and jump on board, it may or may not be plain sailing.  You could have a smooth journey or face some turbulent times, as we do amongst friends, relations and in careers.

We are all looking to find more tranquil waters to sail on, and we don’t know the storms and paths that people have had to navigate through because we are not in the same boat as them.

We are, however, on the same ocean.