Reiki is an energy therapy using a light non-invasive touch. It helps calm a busy mind and infuse the body with comfort and relaxation  If you are new to the holistic and alternative world, this therapy is a great place to experience energy work.  The best way that I can describe it is imagining yourself being plugged into the giant socket of the universe and getting re-charged!  

Reiki does not paper over the cracks, it goes straight to the source of a problem, not the symptoms. It is a safe and subtle treatment with no side effects and can be used alongside other forms of healthcare.  

You function at your best when your energy is flowing freely, and regular sessions of Reiki can benefit in all areas of your life to achieve this. It activates your bodies own natural healing process to restore physical and emotional well-being.

The sessions are given in a safe, comfortable space with time for processing, should you have any thoughts afterwards. I am a longstanding member of the UK Reiki Federation, CHNC and adhere to their code of ethics. 

  • 30 minute Reiki taster session - £25
  • 1 hour Reiki session  - £45
  • 1 hour Reiki session plus Hopi ear candling - £60