You can't see me but I'm smiling right now. Thank you.

I recently had the pleasure of attending a Reiki training weekend and I cannot express how special and enriching the experience was. Tracey created a warm and welcoming atmosphere making the entire weekend a truly memorable journey into the world of Reiki.

The training was comprehensive and well structured and the pace was perfect, allowing for a deep understanding of each concept while ensuring everyone felt comfortable and engaged. 

One of the highlights of the weekend was the hands on practice sessions. This gave us a chance to explore and apply our new found knowledge.

In conclusion, the Reiki training weekend was a delightful and enlightening experience. I left with not only a comprehensive understanding of Reiki but also a profound sense of connection to a community of like-minded individuals. I highly recommend this training to anyone seeking to embark on a journey of healing, self-discovery, and personal growth.



I found Tracey online after Breathwork had been suggested to me during a very low point in my life. I am so grateful for the sessions and the work has been life changing for me. Tracey has been incredible and has guided me to different tools alongside Breathwork to support my recovery. 

I have laughed and cried and felt real healing over the last few months. Tracey supported me through Breathwork to help heal pain and trauma that was keeping me stuck in my life. Thank you for being a wonderful part of my healing journey Tracey.


Welwyn Garden City

Well where do I begin..... I'll start at the end of my Journey or maybe the beginning of a new one..... Tracey is a fantastic lady who definitely is a Reiki Master, this is evident from the moment you meet her and walk into her home, as well as all the way through her practices.

I was suffering for 8 Months with a chronic pain that the hospital was unable to diagnose and when I was at my wit's end I turned to Reiki to help me. I'm great full that I did and especially with Tracey, I initially enquired about Reiki but she told me that breath work was the way forward due to my pain and suffering. She puts forward the guidance that comes to her, however you have the free choice to chose what you want, whether this is reiki, breath work or something else entirely.

None the less I followed the flow of energy and delved deep into the breath work and after 4 sessions my chronic pain had disappeared. (This wasn't an easy journey by all accounts, the breath work brought up some deep traumas that I thought was long forgotten) Never the less I still wasn't done there. 

I then continued with another 2 sessions of breath work and had found the old me that was once long forgotten. I can not thank her enough for taking me on this spiritual journey and righting me of my wrongs and clearing out the clutter to speak. I'll always be truly great full of her for her kind heartedness and willingness to go on this journey with me. Thank you so much Tracey


Cant recommend breathwork with Tracey enough . Not something you can come close to explaining with words ...


I was amazed and surprised at how much “conversation” was going on between Tracey and my dog, Drum Drum when he appeared to be totally still and quiet.

Tracey gave me some great insight into why he barks as much as he does and how he feels that it is his job to alert me to everything that is happening.

She also gave me some tips on food to give him, his appetite has improved and he has lost weight!


I found Tracey online while searching for Breath workshops and I am so glad I did, She was so knowledgeable, I instantly felt at ease with Tracey and in very safe hands.
I have done small bits of breath work at home from Youtube but had no idea what to expect, I was amazed at how much I got from this one-hour session, so many supressed feelings and emotions flowed to the surface and a feeling of the energy running through me. I felt very emotional for the next couple of days but now lighter and more able to let the emotions pass through. It is an experience I will always remember. I would highly recommend Tracey


Tracey did a fantastic job at leading the laughter yoga activity for our 60+ staff on the day. They all had an amazing time, with many struggling to breathe after laughing so much! I couldn’t recommend her enough, she was very professional and a delight to work with.

Justin Hamilton-Heward, The Little Learners

This is the second time I have had a therapy session with Tracey. My first therapy session with her was a Reiki session. I had a specific area that I wanted to work on and without me telling her she was able to read my body and zone in on that area. I left that session feeling very calm and refreshed. Tracey is an intuitive Reiki channel and works holistically by bringing in skills and knowledge from other therapies that she offers during the session. 

I had the utter joy of experiencing a heart connection session with Tracey recently. Her sense of calm professionalism provided and held open a safe space for me to be able to connect with my heart centre.  Using a gentle but reassuring voice she guided me through the heart connection process.

 Tracey has deep knowledge and understanding of how the heart connection can provide information to enable you to get to the root cause of blockages in the body and allow you the time to process information as it comes up. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tracey to others for any of the therapy sessions that she offers. I look forward to working with her again.


I was a little sceptical about bringing laughter yoga to the workplace initially but decided to give it a shot as it seemed like a fresh idea. I have no regrets. It was a wonderful session and the next day I saw people passing each other throwing their hands in the air and bursting into laughter! 

Clearly stress relief and team building all rolled into one. We will definitely be inviting you back for another session later in the year.

Sarah Eddo - BPL Ltd

I was a little bit apprehensive about trying a coaching session but I’m so glad I did. I instantly felt at ease with Tracey and within minutes found myself opening up about a lot of things I usually find extremely difficult to talk about. After facing redundancy my confidence and self-esteem have been at rock bottom and we discussed some of the steps I need to take to start feeling like me again. Many of the tools and techniques we talked about have already had a positive impact and have helped me to feel more optimistic about the future. I couldn’t recommend Tracey enough- thank you so much for such a positive and enlightening experience.


Better than Google Translate. If your head feels somewhat congested & you’re seeking where to start & where to stop, or even can’t quite put your finger on it, Divine hearts is just the tonic of a solution. Tracey is insightful & patient. In one brief coaching hour, I was guided in such a relevant & practical way. Feels like I’ve had the lights switched on in the room.

 Initially, I was unsure how I would articulate where to begin. However, my thoughts did start to flow & through Tracey’s abundance of guidance, I gained a great sense of unburdening & relief from the session. Highly recommend 👍


I stumbled across Tracey and tried her 10-minute breathwork healing the heart taster session ...I was in tears after 2 minutes and felt a deeper connection/shift inside. I thought well if that happened during a 10-minute session ...what could shift and release during a full session !

I had no expectations but perhaps hoping more “old stuff” would clear. I’ve not noticed anything I can identity but feel lighter. And to know it’s safe for me to let go. Tracey holds your space and is intuitive as to what you need during the experience.


We had a fun laughter yoga session with Tracey who came to Dane End to conduct a class in the village hall with the ladies of Dame Enders.
It was an unknown activity for some of the members but Tracey with her enthusiastic teaching style soon had everyone from the age of 56-80's joining in and contagiously laughing. The session was very enjoyable for all and tiring for some and has provided a great talking point amongst our selves and with family and friends.
Thank you Tracey

Dane End

I had no idea what to expect when I contacted Tracey for a one to one coaching session. I found her so helpful and gentle. She immediately put me at ease and let me set the pace... I felt I needed to find ‘space’ in my head and, through breathing techniques and Affirmations  I am now on my way to having that. Thanks Tracey


Making my Vision board really made me think what I want in my life. My mind was all over the place when I came in the morning but had completely changed as the day went on. Great workshop, very professional and friendly attitude from Tracey. This overall experience opened up not only my eyes but also my mind in how to look at myself and life in general.


Tracey is a totally incredible Reiki therapist. Technically, she knows her stuff, but that isn't what matters to me. What matters is that for her this isn't a job, it's her passion! She's out there to make a difference to people's lives and you'll see that straight away once you get chatting to her. She's a real people person and makes you feel comfortable very quickly and, if you're a beginner, is able to explain in simple terms exactly what it's all about. Highly recommended.