Animal Healing

When I work with animals, I create a peaceful space of communion with them.

As with human healing, this works similarly, by treating all layers—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to get to the root cause. Animals are much more in tune with their energy and health and know how to receive it best.

It is so perfectly balanced, without any interference, as they do not have beliefs or doubts getting in the way of receiving the energy. They just go with the flow.

I offer healing to dogs, cats and small animals and will always discuss with you what the session involves and what your animal may experience during and after the session.

All sessions take place in their homes and follow-up sessions can be done distantly if you prefer. 

Benefits may include:

  • Greater comfort
  • Improved feeling of wellbeing
  • Identifying the root cause of behavioural problems
  • Promotion of relaxation which sometimes can lead to sleep
  • Alleviates anxiety and nervousness
  • Assists in the healing after trauma, surgery or illness
  • Develop a closer bond with their guardians

Initial Consultation 1.5hrs - £45

Follow-ups 1hr – £25

Distant Healing 1hr - £25

Tracey started the healing session and Molly immediately calmed. Molly was very relaxed and loved the healing energy coming from Tracey. Molly soon fell asleep like she had no cares in the world.

Tracey was spot on with her communication she got through from Molly. Molly had felt constantly on hyper-alert because I was always telling her what our to-do list was for the day. I didn't realise by doing this Molly was taking everything on board and ready to work, looking after our other dog (her nephew) and also worries of the lady we visited daily.

I forgot to tell Molly it was time for her to chill or play. I was very much now aware I had been doing this and coming from Molly so soon changed. Molly is now much more chilled and relaxed. Tracey is very methodical in her approach as an animal healer and her communication was amazing. Thanks so much. 

Alison & Molly - via Zoom

Registered Animal Healer of The Healing Animals Organisation