Reiki was my window into the energetic world. Having finally made the decision to change my life, you could say that it found me. After years of anxiety, lacking self-worth and overthinking, I began the daunting task of looking within.

I started to peel back the layers of old limiting beliefs which had been holding me back. I uncovered behaviours that no longer served me and learned to listen to my heart. When I began to trust myself, feel my emotions and work with my energy, my life transformed, and with it came love, freedom and authenticity.

I would encourage anyone to look within and if you are willing to commit to positive changes, I will share my tools and techniques to create a balanced, productive and joyful life.

I use a holistic approach and combine emotional, physical and spiritual work to help you move quickly through deep, unresolved issues.

In a safe environment I will help you challenge your fears and explore your potential whilst supporting you through every stage of this process. 

I once lived my life through fear. I was ready to learn who I was. The teacher appeared and walked with me. I have found grace; my heart and I now live through love.


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