Spiritual Coaching

Do you ever get the feeling that your head and your heart are battling it out most days? Your heart leaps for joy at an idea, a creative moment, or a desire and your head puts the brakes on?

You have the motivation to go for your dream job, move house, and make friends but your mind chatter may sound something like ‘what if it doesn’t work, what if I don’t get it, what if they don’t like me….and so on it goes.

What IF?

What Irrational Fears are you telling yourself?

When we start to believe the IFs, we create a story to back them up, which causes resistance. This may begin to show as headaches, colds, and other ailments which tells us we may be avoiding something.

We try to work everything out in our minds, but this does not control us. We think it does, but it is your inner teacher that holds the wisdom. The intuitive heart has all the answers that we seek, and it is learning to trust this process, without judgement and attachment to the outcome.

Here are some of the things that may cause us to become out of alignment:

Pressure – overwhelm, family, brain fog, religious/spiritual groups, performance, work, home,

Patterns – repetitive, addiction, ancestral, unhealthy behaviours, stuck mindset, conditioning.

Path – disassociated from life, lost, unfulfilled, unsatisfied, lacklustre, ‘what’s the point’ attitude

Purpose – connecting with the heart, spirituality, exploring the divinity within, trusting the process, identity, contentment, questioning ‘why am I here?’

Passion –seeking another, giving/receiving love, commitment phobia, affairs, relationship problems, lacking creativity

When you work with me, you will gain the confidence to investigate the gap between the head and the heart through your own self-awareness: no BS, no fluff, no fairy dust - just the truth. 

I use both a holistic and intuitive approach with the ultimate goal of helping you connect to the love, harmony and happiness within your heart. 

My transformational coaching packages include a wide range of techniques to support you on this journey and I will be with you every step of the way with ongoing support and mentorship. 

I invite you to a free 90-minute Breakthrough Call to establish how I can help you, and if we are a good fit to work together.

Check out my video for further information. If it resonates with you......reach out to me. 

What is Holistic/Spiritual Coaching?