Next time I want a break, I'll have a Kit Kat

So, there I was, sitting in a French hospital having just been told that I needed a cast on my leg. My first reaction was utter shock and confusion.  The doctor just kept repeating arrachement, arrachement‘’, and began plastering my foot, a  nurse jabbing me in the leg with a syringe, whilst the pair of them discussed Brexit!

After a brief vulnerable sob, I then found myself saying ‘ooh I wonder what colour the cast will be’!!

For the last month I had hit the Freeze mode. I had several projects on the go that I wanted to birth and I was resisting all of them. I was shuffling other things around that ‘needed’ my energy and time but I knew deep down that I was avoiding re-building my website and this…writing blogs!

Part of my resistance was throwing myself into our house project, we were having major building works over the last seven months which was great fun at first. As an energy worker, I am used to people ‘offloading’, and when to be in service to others. But when I had a handful of builders descending in my home daily, it required extra energetic awareness and space clearing.

I became aware of my own energy becoming drained and the ideas, decisions, pressures building up. It was interesting to see how the house was representing a part of me. I was knocking down my old website and laying foundations for a new one, I wanted it to be an extension into my world, of who I am now.

The workmen became a representation of my own thoughts, busy, under pressure to finish things and worried about lack of time. I could see how this was unfolding and knew in the back of my mind something was stirring up.

I stood in B & Q staring at the paint colours, I must have been there for about 15 minutes, I just wanted one colour. But there were 68 different versions of it. I gave a huge sigh and thought JUST GIVE ME BREAK

Well, the universe responded and whilst on holiday having a break……. I had a break.  I fractured my foot.  I realised that I had been putting something off that I have wanted to do and now the universe had knocked on my door and delivered me a big chunk of TIME. And there was no running away from it……….literally!

I am a big fan of manifesting and reflecting.  I loved the timing. Mercury is retrograde so this is a time for slowing down and revisiting any outstanding projects anyway.

I took a breath and began to write.

This was the spiritual kick up the butt that I needed to get moving again and whilst I’m now sporting a boot which resembles Buzz Lightyear, I’m not quite ready to go beyond infinity just yet, but a wonderful reminder to take little steps