New Year - Know You

I have witnessed the obligatory new year – new you challenges on social media and they all point to the same thing. Becoming a new you. Personally, there’s usually nothing wrong with the old you, it is just a case of getting to know thyself a bit better. Doing so brings positive change naturally.

We do not have to trade ourselves in for a new version. We are good enough. There is nothing that we need to get ‘rid of’ as all aspects of our self are playing a role in our lives perfectly.

Okay, let’s say there are some changes to be made, habits to kick or fitness to be started but this can be done any time of the year, on any day.

So why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to start unachievable goals, quick-fix courses, and diets that make us so miserable?

We have the gift of a new day every day, and to start something different has to feel right in our bodies. We know when we hit the ‘this won’t do anymore’ feeling and that’s what gives us the drive to fire up the willpower and stick to it. We do not need to force this into play in January.

We are all wired differently. The weather, seasons, and even the moon can have an impact on our emotions and physical body. When the time feels right, we will instinctively know and that is the time to act.

A simple technique is to visualise.

If you have entered this year with your life resembling a tense, chaotic drama, maybe it's time for a new scene. Picture your life as a television series. You are the director AND the main character.

How would you like it to unfold?

Will it be action-packed, romantic, or mystical and enchanting?

What kind of characters do you meet along the way?

When we show up to play the best parts of ourselves, we start to see the bigger picture, The full colour, cinematic version!  And yes, I’m sure there will be mistakes or mis – takes along the way, but how do we respond to them?

When someone fluffs their lines on a set, the director doesn’t say “cut, what were you thinking! Go and wallow in your self-pity and beat yourself up for a few days!”

No. It is more likely, “Take 2, Action”

Yes, Action. It is wonderful talking about what we would like to change, but taking action to do it is another thing, and this is usually the hard part. No matter how many times we may become stuck, we are the ones holding the pen to re-write the story.

You have 12 series and 365 new episodes….