If you can't go outside, go inside.

So, we are officially in LOCKDOWN.

There is no escape from………………spending time with yourself!

For some, this may be quite interesting, but for others, the thought of staying in is enough to get the legs twitching.

Maybe this is a good time for us to LOOKDOWN and ‘C’ what it right under our noses. Any thoughts, feelings or relationships that we may have been avoiding.

This is a challenging time that we are all facing together and it will bring up all sorts of emotions for all of us. How we respond or react to our experiences can keep us moving forward or see us stuck in Fight, Flight or Freeze mode.

What small step can you take to bring comfort, joy and calm into your life right now?

Huge energetic changes are happening at present, and for me, it feels like the planet is taking a long-overdue breath!  If the earth can rest, reflect and re-emerge, then so can we.

We may not be able to go outside, but we can go inside.

Into our hearts.

A time to be with feelings that we do not want to feel. A time for giving way to our creative thoughts and ideas. No excuses, no running away, no busying ourselves with work. A time to listen to our inner voice.

If you are not one to spend time with your – SELF, I understand how uncomfortable it may feel. I personally know people who would climb the walls than be with their own thoughts.

I am no stranger to spending long periods of time on my own. When I feel the need to re-charge, I take time out to do just that. I have had the words ‘if you can’t go within, go without’ etched on my brain for the past seven years and to this day, it still serves me.

One of the things that has helped me do this, is reflection.

It is a great form of self-expression to discover insights and offload any mind chatter that causes worry or brain fog. It also helps you notice any behaviours and attitudes that you are repeating, without realising that you are doing so.

All you need is pen, paper and permission.

Give yourself permission to write without judgement.

You can write about an experience that, in your eyes, went well or not, how it made you feel and any changes you would make in the future if a similar thing happens. 

And remember, there is no write or wrong!

We may have to stay in our homes, but we can choose to stay in our hearts.