Behind the Mask

So, it was my turn to do the essential shopping, and I have perfected this procedure to be quicker than a cheetah after two cans of red bull.

Although, way back when, there was a time when I was faffing around donning my face mask, glasses, hat, bags and phone, whilst slopping the gel on at the entrance. Then I would enter the store, glasses steamed up, and heading for a collision with the pineapples.

Pesky masks. Yes, I know we have to wear them BUT it got me thinking.

We have been wearing masks for years.

I’m not talking about the visible kind, with elastic straps and fancy print, nor am I talking about the visors.

The mask in question is the one we use to hide our feelings.

The one already on our face, in our personalities. The one that is used to keep us safe and cope with life’s challenges. The one that we use when we feel scared, mad or sad.

How many times have you done things to please others, but deep down you resent doing them?

How many times are you sarcastic to others, but deep down you cannot express what you truly want to say?

How many times do you pretend that nothing bothers you, but deep down you are hurting?

We mask our emotions.

Every time you cannot express how you feel or how someone else has made you feel. You put on a mask. Once you put this on, you are not acknowledging your truth.

Similar to a face mask, you cannot see if someone is happy or sad behind it

Your energy however tells a different story. This cannot be masked as it is what you are truly feeling. You can enter a room wearing your brave face (mask), but your energy is equivalent to you wearing a neon flashing suit and shouting through a megaphone, ‘I FEEL SO……. (insert appropriate sh*t feeling)’.

It never lies.

If a physical face mask makes us feel uncomfortable, claustrophobic, and unable to express ourselves clearly. What difference is that of an emotional mask?

We can also wear different masks for different people, which keeps us on hyperalert and is quite frankly, exhausting.

Now imagine that in physical form. Three, six, or ten physical face masks…………. whilst going shopping!!!

Ask yourself: What mask do I regularly wear?

If you do not know, ask a close friend to be honest with you.

Take a deep breath

Reflect, observe, and release.