Holistic Coaching

Is there something that is causing you emotional or physical pain that you just can’t shift?

You don’t have to wait until you are fighting automatic self-destruction to reach out.  Sometimes the thought of reaching out can bring on resistance which keeps you stuck from doing anything.

A simple question for you. How are you feeling right now?

If you are wrestling with inner chaos, feeling lost or isolated, or just ‘coping’, I can help guide you to a safe space within, to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and understand the messages behind them. I incorporate a combination of techniques that you can use at home to assist you.

It would not be in my interest to tell you how many sessions you may need as each session will present something new. The whole purpose is for you to understand and trust your own inner voice, therefore you will become aware of your own timeline on this journey.  I work intuitively on all aspects of your- SELF with ongoing support and mentorship throughout the process.

One 90-minute introductory session - £75

Follow up 45-minute single session - £45 

Some or all sessions can be conducted in person, by phone or Skype. Let’s talk