Laughter in the Workplace

Laughter yoga is a great tool to use in the workplace as it connects everybody across the company in all grades, positions, and roles. Engaging in playfulness can disconnect the conscious mind from work-related stresses and allow colleagues a brief respite from the business environment.

Having spent three decades working in a corporate organisation,  I have extensive knowledge on how stress, poor diet and an inactive lifestyle impacts health, attitudes and productivity. 

I understand the challenges faced when trying to achieve a work life balance and I believe it requires responsibility on both parts to create a better working environment.  I combine my expertise as a Holistic Life Coach with my business experience to deliver a fun, interactive and inspirational session designed to have an empowering and uplifting effect. 

When staff take part in Laughter yoga sessions, it break down barriers,  uplift moods whilst being a coping mechanism for stress management .It can benefit everybody as it is the quickest and effective way to develop positive attitudes and communication amongst employees/colleauges. Regular sessions can highly motivate and energise staff leading to a more productive and happier working environment. 

I offer sessions and workshops delivered within the company to assist your employee wellbeing strategy which can include:

  • Taster days
  • Talks
  • Well being roadshows
  • Conference and seminar energise sessions
  • One day workshops
  • Icebreaker sessions

For more information, to book a workshop or arrange a meeting lets talk to discuss how I can help your organisation