Laughter in the Workplace

Laughter yoga is a great tool to use in the workplace as it connects everybody across the company in all grades, positions, and roles. Engaging in playfulness can disconnect the conscious mind from work-related stresses and allow colleagues a brief respite from the business environment.

Having spent three decades working in a corporate organisation,  I have extensive knowledge on how stress, poor diet and an inactive lifestyle impacts health, attitudes and productivity. 

I understand the challenges faced when trying to achieve a work life balance and I believe it requires responsibility on both parts to create a better working environment.  I combine my expertise as a Holistic Life Coach with my business experience to deliver a fun, interactive and inspirational session designed to have an empowering and uplifting effect. 

When staff take part in Laughter yoga sessions, it break down barriers,  uplift moods whilst being a coping mechanism for stress management .It can benefit everybody as it is the quickest and effective way to develop positive attitudes and communication amongst employees/colleauges. Regular sessions can highly motivate and energise staff leading to a more productive and happier working environment. 

I offer sessions and workshops delivered within the company to assist your employee wellbeing strategy which can include:

  • Taster days
  • Talks
  • Well being roadshows
  • Conference and seminar energise sessions
  • One day workshops
  • Icebreaker sessions

For more information, to book a workshop or arrange a meeting lets talk to discuss how I can help your organisation

‘ I was a little sceptical about bringing laughter yoga to the workplace initially but decided to give it a shot as it seemed like a fresh idea. I have no regrets. It was a wonderful session and the next day I saw people passing each other throwing their hands in the air and bursting into laughter! Clearly, stress relief and team building all rolled into one. We will definitely be inviting you back for another session later in the year’ Sarah Eddo Wellbeing Initiative Lead @ BPL