Hertford Laughter Yoga Club

Hertford Laughter Yoga Club - join us for a Laughter Yoga session and experience what it is all about. This is a great space to unwind, de-stress and lighten up with laughter. 

Who can do it? Anyone can!! With laughter yoga, there is no age limit. We all laugh as one. 

What happens during a session? We start with rhythmic clapping and then move into guided laughter techniques combined with deep breathing. This creates the laughter moving which is followed by a laughter meditation and a guided visualisation

What do I wear? Absolutely anything!! We will be moving around so whatever is the most comfortable for you. 

What are the benefits? Heaps! It increases your energy, boosts your immune system, enhances self-confidence and communication, strengthens your voice, elevates your mood, alleviates depression and releases lovely endorphins.

AND, it's a natural facelift!!

Venue: Hertford Wellbeing Hub

Cost: £5

When:  20th December 2023